Sun. Jan 22nd, 2023

Unit 3 – Project Management

The following resources will be useful to you during this unit.

Required Software Resources

ProjectLibre – an open source project management software package which helps in the creation of resource management and scheduling

Section A Project Management Concepts

Costs and Timescales

Project budget

Setting milestones and deadlines

Interim Reviews

Quality and Deliverables

Application of current quality standards

Defining success criteria (SMART)

Customer requirements (functional and non-functional requirements)


Identifying typical risks

Risk management cycle

Handling issues


Business benefits

Return on investment

Project Lifecycle

Conception and start up

Definition of the project


Launch and Execution


Post-project review


Codes of conduct

Communication and presentation for project planning and management

Section B Starting up a Computing Project

Interpreting the Business Case


Identifying Assumptions and Constraints

Section C Project Planning

Scheduling and Milestones

Resources and Budgeting

Risk Management Strategy

Section D Executing and Monitoring a Project

The Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle Model

Section E Project Closure and Post-project Review

Closing a Live Project