Sat. Jan 21st, 2023
React logo

If you are considering web development, things have certainly moved on in recent years, with a proliferation of frameworks which aim to simplify the development of rich UIs and interactive content.

One of the most popular frameworks is React – think of it like this:

  • You can create your own tags to simplify repetitive design elements. No longer are you limited to using standard HTML tags, but you can create your own tags to serve whatever content you want! In React terminology, these are called components
  • React allows you to easily develop SPAs (single page applications) – if you’ve used the Facebook (or any other social media) website or Office web-apps, to name but a few, you’ve used a SPA: next time you use one of these, notice how the page never refreshes once it has first loaded (compared to this website, where every link loads a complete fresh page). SPAs allow the creation of websites that look and feel like real applications – one of the most important methods that allows this is data binding – meaning you can change the values of variables or the content of your data, and the page will automatically update to show the new values.

Find out more at the official React website: