Sat. Jan 21st, 2023

Unit 8 – Business Uses of Social Media

Explore the impact of social media on the ways in which organisations promote their products and services

A1 Social Media website

Developments in social media – features and target audiences

Use of social media to support business aims and needs

A2 Organisational uses of social media for business purposes

Content formats

Focus and meaning

Developing an audience

Keywords in posted content

Direct and indirect advertising

Linking to commercial information

Relationship between social media websites and organisation’s websites

A3 Risks and Issues

Negative comments on social media sites

Time constraints on interaction and ROI

Unforeseen consequences of posted content

Vulnerability to cyber criminals

Develop and plan to use social media in an organisation to meet its business requirements

B1 Social media planning processes

Requirements of the organisation

Content planning and publishing

Developing online communities

B2 Organisational requirements

Timescales, criteria for success

B3 Content planning and publishing

Target audience


Publication scheduling

B4 Developing an online community

Promotional techniques

Monitoring and responding to queries, requests, complaints

B5 Developing a social media policy

Philosophy, honesty, respect

Confidentiality and security

Company v personal content

Legal and ethical

B6 Reviewing and refining plans

Feedback, communication, documentation of meetings, timescales and solutions

Implement the use of social media in an organisation

C1 Creating accounts and profiles

Creating and customising an organisation’s account

C2 Content creation and publication

Ensuring content is adapted for different output devices

C3 Implementation of online community building

Use of tools to help monitor and automate content posting/response

C4 Data gathering and analysis

Dedicated data gathering and analysis tools

C5 Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

Website interaction