Sat. Jan 21st, 2023

Unit 01 – Principles of Computer Science

The following resources may be useful to you:

Section A – Computational Thinking


Identifying and describing problems and processes

Breaking down problems and processes into distinct steps

Describing problems and processes in structured steps

Pattern Recognition

Identifying common elements or features

Pattern Generalisation and Abstraction

Algorithm Design

Describing a step by step strategy to solve a problem

Section B – Standard Methods and Techniques in Algorithm Development

Structured English

Interpreting pseudocode

Developing pseudocode


Implementing flowcharts

Section C – Programming Paradigms

Handling Data within Programs

Defining and declaring constants and variables

Managing variables

Arithmetic Operations

Mathematical operators

Relational operators

Boolean operators

Date and time

Built-in Functions

Arithmetic functions

String handling functions

General functions

Validating Data

Validation check techniques

Post-check actions

Control Structures



Function calls

Data Structures

Standard Algorithms

You must know how the following algorithms operate:

In addition, you should understand the following stack and queue structures:

Some terminology used in describing the efficiencies of different algorithms can be found here. (Not explicitly required for the course content, but an understanding will help you answer some long-answer questions).

Section D – Programming Languages

Procedural Programming


Control structures

Object Oriented Programming



Event Driven Programming



Coding for the Web

Please note that the last link in this section contains a set of video tutorials that cover these topics.

Issues and implications of web coding

The request-response model

Uses, applications and implications of client side processing and scripting

Uses, applications and implications of server side processing and scripting

Web security

[VIDEO RESOURCES] Video resources for this section


Reasons for translation

Benefits of translation

Drawbacks of translation