Sun. Jan 22nd, 2023

Time constraints and ROI

As we all know, social media can be prone to eat up time. If part of your job is to engage with your following, there is always a risk that too much time is spent on these activities. For example:

  • Getting into a long conversation with a follower
  • Being in drawn in to off-topic or off-brand conversation

We’ve already said that to drive engagement, you need to ensure that you interact with your followers – no matter whether it’s positive or negative. However, as your following grows, so will the demand on your time. Hiring people to simply respond to social media messages is poor economy.

Instead, you can use automated assistants (software services) and chatbots to deal with the majority of contact. Only when a human touch is required are you then required to step in. See the section on planning social media strategy for more details.

ROI = Return on Investment. In simple terms, you need to generate more additional profit than you spend on promotion. Targetting advertisements is a great way to maximise your ROI. See this page for more detail.