Sat. Jan 21st, 2023

Reasons For Translation

Translation refers to the process of converting code from one language into another. For example, translating from C# to Python.

There is no definitive list of reasons why you would want to translate code, but here are some examples:

The existing language is deprecated

Languages do not last forever. Some are actively developed, whilst others aren’t. If you have code written in a language that is no longer supported, what happens as hardware evolves? What about technology? Your old language may not be able to support features on the new hardware, or may not be able to support new technologies such as Augmented Reality.

To consolidate the languages used

You may work at a large company who have just purchased a smaller rival. The rival’s product is going to be incorporated into your company’s system, but they are written in different languages.


It may become more and more difficult to recruit good programmers who are proficient in languages that become outdated. This can cause a huge maintenance problem. It may be better to translate the code to a newer language where there is better availability of personnel.


There are many online support resources that are invaluable to both novice and expert programmers. As languages become older and obsolete, the community behind these support resources dwindles. Translating into a newer language improves the availability of support.