Sun. Jan 22nd, 2023

Promotional techniques

When you think of promotions, what comes to mind? Probably money off, or buy-one-get-one-free. Perhaps interest free finance?

With the advent of social media, it is now possible to promote products and services in many different ways, going far beyond the traditional notion of a sale or discounted price.

Special offers and incentives

The traditional method of promotion: everybody loves a good deal, and one way to promote your product or service is by offering a discounted rate for a limited period. You might also be offered an incentive such as an additional product for free rather than a discount.


Many products offer free samples or trials in return for answering a short survey: the survey could collect information that allows a company to target their advertising more specifically to potential users.

Requesting feedback

By encouraging users to provide feedback on a social media profile, you not only get valuable insight (the feedback), but you also generate engagement: every interaction that a user has with your content could potentially be listed in their friends’ newsfeeds, therefore providing a free source of indirect advertising.