Mon. Jan 23rd, 2023

Negative comments on social media sites

We all know about keyboard warriors. Without the pressure or responsibility of seeing the person you are talking to, social media facilitates the sharing of negative or offensive comments.

This can play out in several different ways:

A user leaves negative comments on your profile, and you decide to remove them. The result of this is likely to be the disgruntled user(s) then commenting on other, possibly popular, posts querying why their negative comments have been removed.

Alternatively, the response to the negative comment can earn the business ‘brownie points’ – simply look at the way the news blew up and followed the life of Colin the Caterpillar or Cuthbert the Caterpillar, depending on which supermarket you visit.

Finally, your responses to complaints will demonstrate how your customer service operates, and gives users some idea of what to expect should something go awry in the future. A negative comment can be turned into a positive by demonstrating good customer service.