Sun. Jan 22nd, 2023

Linking to commercial information

This is a very simple but fundamental step. You can build a huge social media following with great levels of engagement, but not actually have an impact on your business.

If users know and like your brand, you may well be hoping to make sales as a result. In most cases, these can not happen directly on social media: in order to progress a sale, you will need to guide the user from your profile over to a different location – your company website for example.

If you have used Instagram, you will be familiar with how this works – adverts have a ‘Learn more’ action, which transfers the user (complete with information about them so that the business knows who clicked on the link and who you are when you arrive at their website) to the company’s website, allowing further actions to be completed.

It is therefore vital for social media profiles to include links to any sites required – a company website or an e-commerce website for example.