Sat. Jan 21st, 2023

Quality Characteristics

You can only use quantitative characteristics to judge the quality of your products. This means the characteristics are all measurable in some way. The metrics you should bare in mind are:

Image Quality

  • Correct size and resolution
  • Colours are correct
  • Lack of visible artefacts
  • Transparency where required

Sound quality

  • Stereo/Mono/Surround as required
  • Lack of audible artefacts
  • No loud pops where clips are edited

Special and Visual Effects

  • Effects are applied where design describes
  • They work as specified
  • Their duration is correct


  • Does the product implement the design, and only the design?


  • Does it work on all devices it is required to


  • Can end users operate the system (where appropriate)
  • Is the meaning of iconography clear
  • Can users get help (where appropriate)
  • Are disabilities catered for?


  • Does it work under normal conditions
  • Does it work with unexpected input
  • Does it work consistently (give the same result every time it is used)


  • Does it do what it is supposed to do


  • Did it come in under budget