Sun. Jan 22nd, 2023

Obtaining Feedback and Acting Upon it

Having completed your testing, you will likely have feedback to act on. This will be in the form of:

  • Faults identified that need to be corrected (maybe the specification was not followed and images are the wrong size, or something simply plain doesn’t work)
  • Implementation issues related to usability and how well the design has been followed through on – for instance, a red and green colour scheme was sketched out in the design, but the real product has used shades of red and green that clash and need changing
  • Compatibility issues where the product does not work at all or display correctly on some devices
  • Usability issues as identified in acceptance testing – maybe a menu disappears or requires the page to scroll in order to open it fully

Whatever the issues identified, you now have an opportunity to fix them. Ideally, keep the original documents in an archive as an initial submission, and where space allows, create a copy that you amend in order to create the final submission. Make sure that alterations that have been made are documented fully: what was changed, why, how, and evidence of the change having been made.